#TigerLimGoUSA Day 13

Well is time to say goodbye to Nebraska... 
We took our flight from Omaha to Chicago then again from Chicago to Seattle. Yaloh... is another tired day again but still pretty much thing is worth it... I still got one week plus to go after Seattle is L.A
Wow... time go really fast yo the program has already reach to the half sudah.. oh boy I must have to enjoy the rest of the days here now. In Seattle here I going the have 5 to 6 days here. So let's go check it out what I see, do eat and learn here!!!

My lunch at Omaha Airport

Spend 100 dollars for buying souvenir for my gangs
I have a new friend here, Joe Wendl oh... lucky I got him to talk with in the flight if not boring lot. He handsome right... don't play play his a pilot too

 Chicago city!!!

Landed at the Chicago and now taking another flight to Seattle...

 Waaa..... jialat is cold and raining here... talk also got little smoke come out!!!

This is the place they build boeing... that is huge!!!! 

 My room walk way is like that!!! cool

From my window I can see this..... isn't that familiar?  

This is the city where the Starbucks born!!!

 People say this place is very famous... mmm ok I want to eat Alaska Crab!!!

 Everyday I got unknown people call!!! 

I walk 13 minutes to here and do my laundry

 Walk until I sweat... shoould I talk off my tshirt and wash too??