#TigerLimGoUSA Day 9

Today is our Fun Day and look around the Jacksonville. No meeting... just go see see look look the whole! We suppose to have a trip to see Crocodile farm but most of us agree not going coz everyone of us mostly have croc back to our home town.
So we went to to St. Augustine not too far away from Jacksonville. I think is like from Bandar to Tutong town like that... But I think they have speed limit here so have to drive slow and it make me feel far lah!!
Btw St. Augustine also knows as Ancient City this place is really beautiful and I take a lot of pictures and videos until my memory card full!!! 
How I wish I can show you the place whole town look like here!! But here I just show you a little bit video in the town.
We spend nearly like 3 hours in St. Augustine, took a train tour going around the town then after that we head back to the hotel and ready for dinner with the local family at their home!! awesome 
Me, Malaysia and Cambodia together one group. 
We spend about 2 hours in their house and talking and sharing about our stories in our home!
Tomorrow we'll fly to Lincoln  Nebraska. I just checked the places is kinda cold there now 2am only have 2'c omg colder and the first day we arrived at Washington D.C... Jialat lah this time!!!
But I'm sure we gonna learn some more thing there and have fun too!!!

 This car is Chevrolet Captiva. Totally look different than our one in Brunei!! But I think our's one is looks better. Or maybe this is a new model!!!

 Can you imagine how big is the car of the head!!!! 

We arrive at the St. Augustine with a V8 power....

 This is not a wax museum. We come here is just to buy the train tickets.

You have any idea who are they??? Yes they all come form North Pole....

 I met Santa in Florida!!! They say me good boy this year good presents!!! yahoo....

I saw her having Ice-Cream.. so cannot tahan I also want!!


 This town restaurant is every where.. So you don't have to worry cannot find foods!!!

 Buildings here banyak more then Hundred year one... not wonders is call Ancient City lah!!!

Oh.... this lorong very beautiful!!! I'm not kidding you'll have Goosebumps once you see it!!!

 I have a foot long Subway for lunch!!!

 Nice town for riding!!!

This is where we have dinner tonight with Peter and Ann

 They house still look like new even the carpet also too. Is 25 years already... can you believe that!!

 Ann love to cook.. thanks to her we have a wonderful meal tonight!!!

My last night in Jacksonville. Honestly.... I started love this city here already.

Check it out.... In super market I saw this thing selling there!!! Is a debit card but also can use like credit card to buy foods, makan or shopping!!!