#TigerLimGoUSA Day 8

Good morning Jacksonville, Florida.
Today is gonna be a fun and busy day with our first day program in Jacksonville. Jacksonville is the largest city in the U.S. state of Florida by population and the largest city by area in the contiguous United States. I'll feel like me back to Brunei coz every we go must use car, sikit-sikit you'll drive up to highway and one place to another place is kinda far even you can see that building in front your eyes. Same like you at The Mall can see Kiulap HuaHo.
Anyway..... I took a lot of picture today but I don't think I can semua all upload. Food review I just do it another post like the Shake Shack and Rig's The Steaks lah.
Morning session we meet with the ONE SPARK community and engagement manager , Ms. Aschelle Morgan. This April One Spark was the world's first crowdfunding festival promoting entrepreneurs, artists and community developer. Through use of media the event attracted international attention and substantial financial support. 
Then the second destination is we went to Brunet-Garcia Advertising Inc. when I see their signage I feel like I'm home... Ya the Brunet word!!
Brunet-Garcia is a very interesting company that really open my eyes especially they create this A River Walk Project. An Apps that you need you can use it along the St. John River. Is an very awesome and useful apps. I think we should have one of this apps back in Brunei!!!
 Then I just took a 2 minutes walk to a restaurant makan their Jambo Hotdog. Then the afternoon session we meet David Wingard and Paige Miller of Wingard Creative to learn about a creative collaboration between several would be restaurant competitors and their use of new media to create the San Marco Dinning District and thereby pool their resources to create a destination to the benefit of all.
That's not the end of the program yet.... next is we went to the City of Jacksonville Public Information which is the City Hall lah!!
Alexis and James from the office of public affairs to explore how local government uses new media to pursue goals through public outreach and community-building here!
Oh that is all the session for today... hehehe that we back to hotel and change.... yahoo we go to the beach!!! Oh ya... is been a week me didn't wear how I use to be in Brunei! Apa lagi my Beach Bunch polo shirt must go their beach taking photo with me lah... 
We went to Apple Store first and I bought some souvenir there then baru we go beach.
Wow... their beach's sands is white.... all white, very beautiful.
After walking at the beach we dinning at Joe's Crab Shack .

What a beautiful morning at Jacksonville.

I want to have a walk but too bad no time!!

Oh.... Cool... not need put number plate in front the bumper one!!!

A red hot sexy lady!!!

Oh.. you can put you one name!!!
I never see this model before!!!

Yeah.... we cross the jambatan!!

This way please.....

Ok... lets begin!!!

Ms. Aschelle Morgan tell us how they do with the One Spark.

Do check out their website

Our volunteer guide Andrea Hartley

This advertising company steady ah... Don't play play they win a lot of awards... I mean the a lot really A Lot!!!

You must learn to say Yes... if you want to work with them!! Never say No...

The wining advertising awards is every where on the wall!!!

The learn how to do the self portrait which I teach them!!

Vanessa K.Harper tell us about the A Walking Project...

Look at the awards they wins!!!

I think there is no more rooms for it already!

This is where I have my lunch here!!! 45 years already.... Now I can have a chance to try the local American foods back in 45 years...hehehe

Afternoon we meet this man Mr. David Wingard.

Talk about how his team work out the Apps!!

Ms. Alexis Lambert. I was surprise that she already checking out my blog before I arrive oh... hehehe 

Mr. Jemes Croft he is the man who behind the twitter with the Mayor of Jacksonville Alvin Brown.

I'm gonna wear this shirt to their jacksonville beach.

We had the dinner here at Joe's Crab Shack

It was always full house here!!

She's hot baby!!

My new Bruther here at Jacksonville.... Don't play play with me yo!!!

I had a great time with my Mama here!!! I never forget about it!!!

Eh.... you can actually curi it but don't let them see!!!

Ok let's party!!! Oh we all hungry now!

Nearly 8pm but the sky still bright