#TigerLimGoUSA Day 6

Finally today I have a shining day here shine bright like a diamond... Not need to wear jacket walk on the street. Feel like I back in town in the morning not so hot and not so cold.. Just nice. Today is the last day we all in Washington D.C. So we must really learn the staff we can learn and enjoy the beautiful city here!! Tomorrow we fly to Jacksonville, Florida.
The whole day program not like few day ago go here go there see see look look. We spend most of the time in rooms discuss and sharing in the morning section. sharing what we do back in our country, what we learn here. I can say the best park of the day is we go Makan lah.. hahaha ya makan is what I love to do here! we went to tapao burger just a few block away from the World Learning. Is a nice place for burger.... na this is what I want to looking for one lah.. truly like the those American Burger restaurant I saw in TV. Cool... I like it here but too bad our time is kinda tide so cannot spent more time here hang around!
Then afternoon we went to American University meet a wonderful lady Prof. Pek Koon Heng she a director of ASEAN Studies Center... oh don't play play oh she really know a lot of ASEAN things one oh!!!

 A magnificent view from the World Learning window!!!

 Everyone get ready for their now Speech!!!
Hehehe.... my speech spa lagi, Broken~English also hamtam lah!! hahaha
Let's talk about what we all do in our country.... I like the Malaysia and Vietnam one. 


 My new angmo friend his name call Colin.


 Everyone enjoy the burger tapao from FIVE GUYS

Delegate from Cambodia.

 The house here really awesome!!!

 I notice there have a lot of house look like this just pakai brick saja no paints... Nice!!!

 Everyone feel like back to school!!!

Smile...... Ramy!!!

 Wow...... that's nice!!!!

Hey... that's the yellow school bus I saw in the TV!!!
Yahoo... I go school high high!!!! lol

 Look.... what a beautiful path they have!!!

 This building is new just builded 3 years ago. Some material is made by recycle stuffs!!! Good ya...
 Please drop your battery here for recycles!!!

 They really do a good joe in 3R!!! We should learn the best from them.

 Lol.. again I suggest we do the ASEAN's Handshake way!!!