#TigerLimGoUSA Day 5

Today the whole day rain oh...every way wet wet but not as bad as like Airport sampan flooded lah!
Here is small small rain saja so limited my camera photo shot around the town. But still of lah we not having much outdoor event here. Mostly is indoor and listens the Pro people sharing their though and experience together with us. The first one is Ms.Cathryn Stickel the Opereation Manager by . You guy should also go check it out their free download software that can use sending message by sms. Why sms? coz sms is good for people don't have 3g or internet or those kampong-kampong people they still can received important message like natural disaster, health info and many more. Is a most basic way that can get in touch with people sharing message through social media! This idea not only good for us but also for those 3 world country people too. I say is a great things lah but of coz there is noting perfect some some people may use it for spam too.
 Then after meet up with the Frontlinesms we all move to another place which is WETA a news broadcast which is like RTB lah and we meet a journalist/reporter Mr. Hari Sreenivasan ( share about and how new media can be used to enhance broadcast news reporting. Then again we went to visit to Newseum which is a News Museum. This place really worth to visit I tell you true true one!!!
Last is meet up Mr.D.J Saul the chief Marketing Officer of Wow.... their office steady banar lah like google office too. They created a lot off cool apps and stuff. Yang paling siok one is they call "Social Mechine" which is really awesome and is a brilliant idea oh! How I wish I can show  you all more picture and info.... I really see and learn a lot here and it really open my eyes see how the peoples here they use the social media to do awesome stuff!!! I really feel great I have a opportunity to come here and experience every thing I learn!!
Finally almost everyone get the line here and can text, send, FB, Twitter etc on the go!!
Before the program start everyone is busy to do the Social Media things...hehehe

Ms.Cathryn Stickel explain to us how the Frontlinesms works!!!

She a very nice lady I meet today!!!

 On the way to WETA and we pass by the Pentagon!!! Awesome....

Here we are... the front door is small but inside is really big just like the Doraemon's pocket macam-macam barang ada!!!

Familiar with the Logo?? No ka?? Ok if you have watch Sesame Street during 80's I'm sure you remember this after the end of the show!

Mr. Hari Sreenivasan

 How do I look??? Can I be a reporter???

 The office which also where they search the news too!!
Group Photo!!!

 Eh.. not so sure what award is that but It just look good there so I took a photo!!

 Take photo in front of the main door after we finish visiting the place.

  A panorama views.

Next is the Newsuem.

Need to pass the security check first!!

But before we start our tour in there we go makan first. The American people makan really banyak lah. I am a big eater but come here like I become like a kids having Happy Meal saja! I really try hard but still cannot finish lah!!!

 This is what you call the real onion rings lah... But it more looks like a Onion Bracelet to me!!!

I try the best I can!!!

 Barbara is our English Officer, she help us a lot here, Guess how old is she now!!! 73 and still strong ah don't play play.... I call her Mama now, she have a godson now from Brunei hehehe

The Berlin War!!!

Breaking the wall down!!!

The Death Tower. 

I'm glad to have a chance to touch touch it!

 Panorama view of the Berlin Wall

This is the picture gallery show those famous photos! Really worth to take a look. 

Here is the place you mind not like to have a smile face taking pictures!!!

That things behind of me is one of the antenna on top one of the World Trade Center!
 After 3 hours visit the Newsuem here we are at the iStrategy Lads

 You'll never get bored if working here!

 You need an awesome working place to think out an awesome idea and this is how their people do !!!

 Mr.D.J Saul the chief Marketing Officer of

The idea of this is you can twitt and make it Open the door!!! 

 Do you have an idea of what the hell is this???

Oh..... Ninja's weapon!!!!