#TigerLimGoUSA Day 3

White House........

Oh ya.... this is the day I been waiting for and here I am taking picture in front of the White House.
We visit a lot of nice places and the city is very beautiful. 
Buildings, Foods, Cars, People everything here look super size up to me.... The only things that it still look the same like our one is the smart phones... hehehe bah come let's check it out what do I see and do today!!!

Here are the City.... Is cold, if no pakai jacket I mati lah I still see some ladies wear short short like go party!!!

 The city is clean and neat...

 And the people are very nice too. Offer food for the poor one!

Obama used to came to this Church during Sunday.

 I no tipu one.. their car really big!! If I have this in Brunei...don't play play with me but wait.... susah cari car park oh!!!

 Even the double cab Hilux also also look small if beside her!!!

You can use this open roof bus to jalan-jalan in the town  but only for those people who tahan sejuk lah!

 Here are the group from ASEAN country.

 This is our first stop the White House!!!

 Hoang; from Vietnam.

Choo; from Singapore. 

There is a lady been here since 80's doing her protest against the war right in front the White House for 32 years, WalanEh so long tahan jua!!! see HERE.

 Group photo time!!!

 Lwin; from Burma
Klaikong; from Thailand

Yuan; our English Officer

Iman; From Indonesia

Chor; from Cambodia

 This is our tour bus... Cool.......

I want this car!!!! wooo.... sexy!!

Cartoon is real... there is Tupai is easily spotted in the streets!!!!

Maria; From Philippine 

 Capitol Hill

 Now I believe that the American Car can turn into a robot in the movie Transformer. They truck and SUV really huge!!!

 Washington Monument, look different kan.... ya lah because of the earthquake hit years ago.  

 This is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

 Do I look like him too?

 Cool... you can rent the segway  and go around there!!!

 Barbara; our english officer

Lincoln Memorial, is a must to visit here!!

 Reflecting Pool.

 Goh; From Malaysia and Choo... they both look like a brother sister.

 Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Hoang; from Vietnam, I think she have a mix feeling about this place.