#TigerLimGoUSA Day 21

Today we went to Riverside is about 96 km away from L.A lah... macam like from Jerudong to Seria like that far lah. I want to say the trip walaupun is far but still go a lot of different landscape to see especially the mountain lah... if you are not that kind of person who like to see thigd kind of thing.. ya maybe for you is like the desert lah. Me I like it yo...
We went to the City of Riverside see how they do with the E-Goverment and how they help the uncle auntie teach them how to use computers and people who want to learn IT stuff even they only have high school level saja!
  They show us they apps they have for the Riverside if you see or things want to report like trees fall.. road go big hole need to fix, street light out, dirty/buang sampah etc-etc.... 
They ask have an apps that you can use it as for explore of the Riverside like where to eat. shop, stay or play. I really impress they have do such a wonderful infrastructure from an old town do become a high-technologic city with Free Wifi... Wow awesome right.. Back to the oldies this place is kaya because of  Orange... miles and miles is all Orange and now wanted to become a hi-tec city... that's is not easy lah.

We are on the way to Riverside and this is what I saw on their highway... jialat ah like same like in Tv cars come long long like no ending one!!

Their mountain comes with rocks.. I wonder if Shamabandar is like that how to climb ah!

Lol... everyone is too tired liao!!!

Here are the HQ of SmartRiverSide.

Next stop is the Riverside City Hall.... 

I like this room... they are watching the city traffic even from here also can change the lights go green or red!!

I'm not kidding... their orange really sweet... no wonder they call California orange is the best in the world lah! 

Doing lunch and meeting at the same time...

I have a dream too... I want to be a orang kaya...hahaha

We are at the La Sierra University... but this section macam like taking as friends only more than like discuss about the Social Media  things... In the meddle of the talking one guys come in with his lovely daughter and joining the discussion... lol this is really surprise...mmmm california people really friendly!!!