#TigerLimGoUSA Day 20

 I think maybe is because the program is soon ending and also too long here in US so I kinda miss my family and friends at home so this 2 days I look like no mood and also cannot concentrate listen what are they talking during in the meeting... And also you notice that I'm late one day update my blog #TigerLimGoUSA. Tired lah... everyday meeting my eyes very hard to open big big oh... Some more I cannot drink coffee like other at least can tahan... omg my really Jialat, I feel like how I wish I wake up in the morning I was in my room sudah. Now I think back I have to take the plane balik Brunei... from L.A-Tokyo-Singapore-Brunei again... it take me 2 days to come back.. I really no mood now!!!
Ok btw I still want to tell you what I see,do, eat, go, learn at L.A

 Today we go to The Pasadena Star News, is a very old newspaper media started from 1884..
wah don't play play... they doing it more than 100 year plus sudah.
But don't know why I feel like their company is kinda close down soon... hahaha the office like no people working one... I'm not sure is because of the New Media is killing them or what lah.. but I really don't like to see them one day become like that lah
Anyway... then after visit the pasadena Star News we went to The Real Downtown Old Pasadena for for lunch... But seen that we have plenty of time some people went to shopping.... me I went to jalan-jalan see-see look-look. Mmmm..not bad this old town. Is the side like Tutong town but a lot of things to buy see and eat.. I didn't makan so the first stop is I went in to the Apple Store there.. wow is huge lah! I didn't buy anythings there.. so just take a look in there for 5 to 8 minutes saja then rest of my time I just stand at the street watching people come and go, see how the hobo people use their skill asking for money..hehehe yea now I also know how to be a Hobo at here sudah.
After the lunch we all go to the VozMod (mobile voice) understand how they use that mobile phone as a platform for immigrant and not immigrant law wage workers in Los Angeles to create stories about their lives and communities directly from cell phones or computer.
Oh this meeting really put me in the mood and try to know their story how they started it. After listen their stories I feel kinda kasian their people....sign.
Then the last one we went to IDEPSCA . Honestly tell you this I'm too tired sudah and the people who suppose to meet he last minutes cannot make it due the family stuff lah.. so they send another guys come and meet us... but my head really cannot put in what he say anymore!!! hahaha....

This is how the Pasadena Star News office look like back to oldies...

Mr. Larry Wilson show us their works with his iPad.

 This is their newspaper today's front page..... 

 We are in the Old DownTown of Pasadena.

I sorry to tell this... first I kinda takut come to this neighborhood, it look like those Mexican/Latino gangster place in tv.... I don't know why we have to come here and do our next meeting!!!  

 This is here we have our next meeting. It use to be as a old refugees home shelter.

 This the HQ of VozMod.

 Last meeting.... this is eh... I can't remember sudah... hahaha

Eh... what did he say?? omg my head!!!