#TigerLimGoUSA Day 2

Arrived at HK Airport.
Yo Bruthers I'm arrived at Washington D.C. It was a tired trip lah... the most jialat one is the flight from HK to Chicago it take 15 hours yo. So not included the fly from SG-HK and Chicago-DC and waiting the flight at the airport so you can imagine how many hours I took for arrive in D.C.
Finally I arrive here safely.... The City is Beautiful, Weather Quite Cold, Car are Huge and My Room Is Nice... So tomorrow I'll start my program here first day is to see see look loo the city and Monday baru tah start attend the program... wow I feel like go to school now!! 
But first let me hurry up update this posts here and I can have a good rest!!!
Let's check it out my journey from Singapore yesterday!

 Welcome to United Airline.

 Don't Play Play ah..... Touch Screen tu!!!
Lucky got this to save my iPhone, Acer B1 and my Mac's battery!!!

 Not bad.... got new, old, chinese, indian movie and tv show!

 Ok this is my meal from Singapore to Hong Kong... not really impress lah!!!

 That Uncle very cool... Take the Plane like taking bus, The plane haven't stop already stand up and wanted to take his luggage... spa lagi kana marah by the crew lah!!!

 she is my flight partner!!!

 Landed at the Hong Kong S A R Airport. Nice view with the mountain!!!

I was too tired already coz no sleep at the Singapore I almost take a wrong flight to San Francisco. This uncle also ask-sak didn't check my boarding pass good good one lucky the lady at the gate door there notice I'm in the wrong flight!!! hahahah

 This is my Lunch from HK to Chicago.... Again not really impress, the coke I think is HK one... mmm Brunei one is Better!!!

 Almost reach to the half and still have 6 hours and 35 minutes to reach Chicago

 The view awesome oh!!!!

 The all Lake become Ice ice baby!!!

 Eh... My Dinner Singapore Beehoon!!! hahahah you see also know not nice liao right!!!

My flight partner from China, Siong Wei his s nice guy!!

Thanks to Vivian and I can have a fast line to catch my next flight from Chicago to Washington D.C.
Omg.... I'm like a Vip oh cut here cut there every passenger in the line look at me I also feel malu!!!

Ah.... this is what I talking about... The real Coke!!! Awesome......

Guess did I finish this???

 Cool... with my new watch it auto change the time but too bad my jacket make it turn black!!! 

This how I look when I arrive in US. Not so bad right, lucky me no Jet lagged lah!!

Arrived at the Washington DC airport!!!
I really impress when I touch down in DC. I was pickup by this monster!!!!

 Hello Mr..... Can I drive this car... PLEASE!!!!!!

 Oh Yeah.... my room!!! NICE oh.....