#TigerLimGoUSA Day 19 you know my bags is good right guys.... the group love my bag and it help them a lot for saving money to pay extra charge for the weight luggage. One stone 2 birds I help you all... you help me promote my country....hehehe
Alright Bruthers... here come my last state in USA we are in Los Angeles. few more day I going to back home so I better don't waste my time in front the computer...I'm gonna really enjoy the rest of the day here.
We use Virgin America from Seattle fly to L.A.... I love the Virgin America lah... The plane inside are so cool... Macam like a party plane and also the tv too... it has game, mtv, movie etc... oh the best part is you can chat with your friends even they sit in far far away from you!
I was so excited when before the plane wanted to landing I saw the HOLLYWOOD sign at the hill from my seat.
We check in the Omni Hotel & Resort and I think I'm lucky again I have 2 different view from my room window.
L.A is a big city... not only big but the building here also taller than the past few week the city I go. 
After we check in the hotel and put down our luggage we tarus go the cari makan at the down town... guess what who I saw right in front of me..... is Rod Stewart ahhhhhh.... I was blur when I saw him standing outside the Millennium Hotels smoking and talking in the photo... at that time I still hesitate is him or not so I quickly took his photo first then I ask my friend is it him Rod Stewart and she say yes... but the time he already walk in back to the hotel!
Sayang lah.... didn't take photo with him and the photo I took also blur blur... I checked his Facebook and twitter yes he is in L.A now with his new album. After we saw him then we take taxi to the Little Tokyo and eat one of the good review japanese restaurant Daikokuya ramen. I order the Spicy Ramen... lol I don't even feel is Spicy at all, I think the PSW ayam penyet is 100 times spicy than that... but it doesn't meant that not nice lah. Is yummy but is not spicy saja.
After the noodle we head back to the hotel and unpack our stuff for ready tomorrow meeting!

 Yeah is really bad with the tornado but no worries guys I'm safe here!!!

 The Virgin American inside the plane if can party dancing all the way to L.A lagi siok...

 This is the first time and also the last time we all sit together in the plane!!!

 You'll not get bored with this seat...

 Is a touch screen but you need this controller to type your message.

 I was Magnificent view from my window

 It look like a brick wall with their land

Can you see the Hollywood???

 Everyone very excited see who can be the next super star here....hehehe

 Guys..... trust me, Our road are smoother than them.. so don't also compare our road with others. I'll never complain our road anymore!!!

 I wonder how they put the Jeep and Dodge in there.

 The building macam I see it in the movie Spiderman lah!!!

 I room just behind and above the C!!!

 I swear.... I saw Rod Stewart!!!!

This is the the hotel I saw this lah!!!

 This is where I makan...

 If can I want to bring this back and open one myself!!!