#TigerLimGoUSA Day 18

Today is the last day me at the Seattle, Washington. Tomorrow I have to say goodbye to this beautiful city.... no sure when I can have a change to come here and meet the friends here especially the YPIN
gangs I really have a nice time with you all. See HERE how we have fun. 
So today we only have one place to visit... which is the Microsoft.
The Microsoft HQ is really huge lah the place.... We only go to the one small part of the HQ saja which  is the Microsoft conference center all Time Capsule.
Too bad inside the building a lot of places are restricted cannot simply go here go here and take photos!!! They have show us a future office, shopping and home how's is gonna look like in the next few years...  I really impress to see what Microsoft they trying to do our future how is gonna be... Life will be more awesome and interesting...
After the short visiting Microsoft we heading back to hotel and we all went to lunch at the Chipotle is a Mexican foods fast food restaurant. I order Taco saja... not plan to have a heavy lunch coz for the pass 2 weeks I have too much American style heavy meal sudah... But still Chipotle Taco is not as I what I think as Light as I thought... It come with 3 pieces and I feel like I eat one packet of Chicken Rice back home. Lucky I didn't order their Burrito if not I again cannot finish them. Oh.. their Taco really nice.. please come have a try!
Then after the lunch I walk around the city just to burn the foods I ate then I spotted a place really interesting is call PDA Lounge which is a place for some patients who use Marijuana as medical. You cannot smoke or buy there if you don't have a letter from the doctor even you have the letter from other state or country... must only from Washington State only.... Here in Seattle I really see a lot of stuffs... There are still many places I haven't go like Bill Gate's house, Bruce Lee grave, Boeing.... I hope next time I have a chance to visit here again..

My name wrong spelling sudah lah.... maybe is because Window Error.... lol

I can't remember do I still have credit with my Skype or not!!!

Everyone try out the Window 8 but they all are the Mac users... lol

On the way walk to Chipotle I saw this cool giant pig bus call Maximus Minimus.
I really don't know what I want to eat... Should I try this or try the Chipotle.. at the end I pass and go for Chipotle. But now I kinda regret I didn't have a try!!!

Here are the Chipotle.... wow lunch time full house lah!!

This is what I order.. Beef Taco and beer!!

After the lunch I passed by this shop and I saw the sign Cannabis Library... So I walk in then I discover this place is not a ordinary shop...

Do you know this place in future what are going to be look like?

This will be the HQ. It just right behind the hotel I stay Hotel Max