#TigerLimGoUSA Day 17

Yahoo.... another day no SCHOOL!!!! Again today run run run go see see look look!
Today I'm not doing must thing but I walk a lot!!! I think got more than 5km... wa jialat from east to west from north to south!!! Is kinda tired right now with my kaki... I think I have enough for walking about here sudah and also see enough too. Tomorrow still have last segment in Seattle which is visit the Microsoft!!!! Then Tuesday fly to L.A and that will be the last State we have in USA. One more week lagi I'll back in Brunei. I start miss my family here already coz 2 days ago my wife told me that my 1st daughter suddenly cry and missing me!! Ya is kinda long Vacation here yo... But I think I'll miss the people here I met specially the group and my Mama and Yuan (our english officer)
Yap... time go very fast... like now already 2 weeks sudah... I think I really have to treasure for the last one week sudah!! I'm not sure when I have another chance to come here again and can see the people I met here....

I don't have plans... I just walk saja and walk until I hungry then I makan at.....

I walk inside one shopping mall and have my lunch at one of the famous fast food in America....

Johnny Rockets a very American style fast foods restaurant... I need a classic V8 engine stomach to finish they foods.. Not kidding is huge!!!

I see a lot of 80's song there! 

They serve your foods with a smiling face with tomato sauce!

After I open the wrapping paper than I just realize I'm in trouble now!!!
Oh man... I sure fat lah still got one more week here my pants sure cannot fit liao!

Ok.... I surrender. This is the further I can do!!!

After the huge burger I slowly walk to the Space Needle and have a look at the top of full view of Seattle.

Only less than 20 dollars and you can stay as long as you want up there!!!

The Chihuly Garden Glass it just next to Space Needle only...
Oh and also the EMP Museum too..

Now there you can see the whole view of Seattle liao!!! But I feel dizzy cuz you can feel that the building is moving sometime

I still can't find where is the hotel I sta.... but from my hotel I can see here oh!

That is the EMP Museum see for the top

Spend another hundred dollars for buying souvenir for my gang in Brunei

I see her many times sudah in the tv show Frasier now I finally here and have to say good bye now

Chevrolet Malibu... I sure one day this car will come to Brunei too

On my way back to the hotel I saw this....

I think we don't have this problem back in Brunei....