#TigerLimGoUSA Day 16

Yeah... today and tomorrow we don't have me meet any people in Seattle... Oh I really need rest lucky we have 2 days off so can go every where we want to go.
so today I wake up late... I sleep until puas puas 10 am baru I wake up.... But don't know how I sleep everyday also like not enough sleep one... I think is because of the weather here are cold and dry and it makes my nose stuck every night must wake up in the middle of the night and dig gold!!!
Ok so where I go, do and eat today?
I went to many place lot... I went to see the Gum Wall at the Public Market. I think this wall is the most  disgusting wall in the world. If you come here please remember don't go too near it in case of your friends suddenly push you and stick on the wall. I quite amazing and times this wall turn out in that way... I think is have over 500 thousand gums on the wall there... It look disgusting at the first place but after you spend some time look at it.... is a priceless pieces of art.
Then I launch at the Crab Pot... oh Bruthers their crab is yummy lah. I strongly recommended you try their "Oyster Shooter" is reallllllllyyyyyy yummy!!!! I order twice.... lol honestly is nice! Then when the crab and prawn come... they just pour them on the table saja... but of coz the table got cover piece of paper lah!
After the Crab Pot I went to EMP Museum. If you are a music, rock or Nirvana fans the you must have a trip over here. Awesome worth to visit only 20 dollars saja!
After the EMP Museum went to meet up the rest of the IVLP we took Argosy Cruises to Black Island's Tillicum Village makan dinner and watch the culture show. One thing I really surprise is the path up the hall is cover by clamshell. 
The whole day I really enjoy here at Seattle here... mmmm maybe is because of no meeting kali...hahahahah.

The Gum Wall....Can you imagine how if someone push you on the wall!!!!

Aiya..... help me ah!!!!

Just walk from the gum wall and across the road 5 minutes walk and we reach to the Seattle Great Wheel. The ferry and Crab Pot just next to it saja! Here got many things to eat and see... The Seattle Aquarium also near this area!!! 

Remember this one on the front is Deep Fried one... They are behind it so just use another entrance to masuk.

The menu very cute.... I suggest you share with your friends... Don't eat alone coz you might not gonna finish it!

We makan at outside although is cold but no worries they have heater on top your head!

Here are the tools for your crabs!!!!

Oh... here are the two sexy oyster "Oyster Shooter" I never have such a yummy oyster before!!! now I makes me want to go there makan again!

Bruthers.... Please don't hate me!!

Ok finally me and Sze take them down!!! I think the price is just nice... Crabs, oysters and beers each of us only spend 20 plus saja.

Next stop...... EMP Museum!!! 


EMP not just only have Music stuff saja.... 

If you have watch Starwars you'll know what is it!!!

Do you know who wear this??? But now I don't think he can fit it anymore!!! SEE HERE

Oh.... I love this lah bruthers!!!!

Guess who's guitar is this??

Jimi Hendrix gallery....

Are you familiar whit this left handed guitar and the cloths?

Too bad we are in the rust to the ferry if not I want to stay few more hours here!

I'm kinda hungry so stop by here before boarding to the ferry!!

It say Best dog in Town... I'm not so sure lah but once hungry what also yummy!

Have you watch the movie... Argo!!! lol hahaha Argo XXXX yourself.

Let's go to the Black Island

I'm smart..... Sit at the back and I have this view!!!

Here we are at the Black Island Tillicum Village.

I saw everyone have a cup of warm welcome drinks....

I was planing to bring it home.... but it soup make me stop it!! lol

Hot clam soup... nice!!!

This is how you do with the clamshell.... just buang on the floor saja!!!

Now I understand why I walk up the time the path sound kikikaka.....

This is how the traditional way which the native people here cook salmon.

This is my dinner!!!

The show is gonna start soon too bad they are not allow to take video and photo....
Ok... is group photo time.. The camera man say everyone point different direction... so you want to know where I point???
Sze.... what you doing here!!!!

On the way back it has beautiful sunset when reach back to the city!

I gonna miss the day I'm in Seattle.