#TigerLimGoUSA Day 15

Today we don't have much meeting like pass few days... My head have too much information liao need some time to digest. lucky today only have 2 meeting saja... one is at the World Trade Center Seattle with Mr. Matt Rosenberg the founder and executive director  Public Eye Northwest
and the other one is at West Seattle Library meet with Mr. Chas Redmond the board member of Sustainable West Seattle. Yeah..... tomorrow no meeting and I have 2 day off can go see see look look shopping in Seattle lo!!!


Starbucks is every corner!! Funny thing.... here I don't see KFC, Pizza Hut etc,  

Our bus driver for today!!!

China Town.... 

We makan at here...

My lunch beef noodle...

This is my first fortune cookie!!! I wonder how it this cookie come from coz only in US have...

Does it mean that I will be a orang kaya one day??? 

After lunch meeting is the most harder thing for me... coz you'll feel sleeping... Siap lah 

Mr. Chas Redmond... look at him he is a grandpa already but still passion for doing green stuff!!!

This place is the best spot to take photos... you can see the whole view of City Seattle

If have a clean clear sky you can see the mountain behind the Space Needle.

That is the taller building in Seattle