#TigerLimGoUSA Day 11

This is my second weeks I down down at the land of American and here today we start our leaning in USA. I thought I ready see enough what is American.... Sorry I'm wrong.... I'm really really wrong. United State American is a land that you never know what is gonna be if you think they are all the same in Tv. Here I'm am my second days at Nebraska. I was shock what I see here again in US.
At first I though Lincoln is just like out Seria/KB town like that....Shop closed early, no night like, Big truck everyday... Flat Land with all farming... Coz my first night I touch down here my hotel every way is like Ghost Town notting to see see look look.
I'm wrong.. I want to say sorry to Lincoln, Nebraska. First stop I always open my eyes with their Nebraska Legislature. It's builded since 1934, I can say in Lincoln is the highest building here. Here are the play at they set the rules in Nebraska State. We are just right in time got an awesome opportunity got  chance to see they debate setting a new law for Death Penalty.
We have the Death Penalty law back in our country singapore and malaysia like donkey years ago so nothing lah but of coz here is is different so is kind of big things so in the Tv NET they have live broadcast it. Again today I learn and see many thing from here.... too bad I can't one time to show you all!!!      

Morning first session we meet with Heide Uhing she told use how the state government use social media to share legislative activities with Nebraska citizens, guidelines for Senator use of social media with constituents.

I love the idea how they share info with the new social media!!!

wow.... this place is really awesome!!!

I feel like I'm walk in the game of Tomb Rider here...

Omg..... you'll never get enough to spend a day tour here. This place is a heaven for photographer! 


After the meeting and the tour we have our lunch at Billy's Restaurant it just few block away from the State Capitol Building.

Yes is a house but at the same time is a restaurant too!!!
Inside the house is amazing lah...

After the lunch we went to meeting with Alice Henneman from University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
show us how they use social media, I really impress when I saw one of the project behind the 4-H Egg Cam check it out bruthers!!!!

This is the place where they do behind the babies chic and ducky you see in the webcam.

Next is meeting with Dennis Kellogg the news director of Nebraska Educational Telecommunications NET

Are you guys ready for the tour??

Last thing we do here is we have a home hospitality not so far away from out hotel here.
We meet this beautiful lady Barbara Ridder she have a amazing wonderful house!!!
Not only she had a beautiful garden and inside her house lagi best!
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