#TigerLimGoUSA Day 10

Today we have to say good bye to Jacksonville, Florida. I kinda like this place there is a beautiful city, weather is so nice and can stand under the sun and yet no sweating!!!
I have to take the flight from Jacksonville to Atlanta and then fly to Omaha then again and a van for another 1 hour ride to Lincoln. Ya is kinda tired trip but is fun!!! 

Thanks to me my friend Iman( Indonesia) he got an extra bag to out this files and gifts

Jacksonville Airport

Busy checking in now!!!

This is the full view of the Jacksonville airport

mmm.... When can I come back here and enjoy the sunshine... let's have a last sun bathing!!!

Is a long wait at Atlanta airport.... We have 3 hours to have a look look here... so I decide to have a beer!!! 

I got some souvenir for someone!!!!

We are almost landed at Omaha airport.

Every state have a different nick name.. Nebraska is call Cornhusker.
yap... is corn corn every way!!

No tipu you one... now is 9pm!!!

We all very hungry coz we have got out dinner due to the flight and travel. After check in the Holiday Inn and walk few meter away, here are we makan at Old Chicago.


I try their local Beer!!! 

I missed Mee..... Aiya Spaghetti  also can lah. Me one week plus sudah didn't eat me!!!!!