#TigerLimGoUSA DAY 1

My #TigerLimGoUSA finally today start kick off. Thanks to all your greeting in my FB and IG but the best one is RA came to see see look look me in the airport!!!
First my flight will start from BN-SG-HK then Chicago-Washington D.C. is kinda Jialat flight lah then I'll experience my first Time Mechine travel, 2 times of 4th May! hahaha
So here I am in the Changi Airport to posting this post. Wow.... the airport here got free wifi and the speed is awesome lah! How I wish my home can have this speed too!
I try to not sleep here in the airport coz see I can prevent the jet leg in US or not lah! If my theory is right then me should me find over there for the first few days there!
Don't Play Play @Ranoadidas come sent me oh!!!!
Thanks Bruther!!!
Hey check it out the walkway through P1 and P2 car park now!!! See See Look Look saja Ok don't kakacaucau they hard work handwork art by them!!!

My flight delay to takeoff but is Ok coz I have an awesome sunset view from my window!

 The last time I visit Singapore is 16 years ago!!!!

The Changi Airport Terminal 3.

 Wow... 12:30am already still like in the shopping mall people here and there for shopping!!!

 Eh.... I didn't know that M&M also like to eat Durian too!!!

Oh... BK oh... how can I say no to them!!!

But right after I left a last bite Whopper I baru notice that Bangkok one is better!!!

Lucky got place to charge phone and use my laptop if not don't known who to burn my 9 hours time here. BTW the free wifi internet speed really good!!!

 Ok.... this is my first picture of my first flight look!!!! Lets wait and see how I look like when I reach to Washington D.C there!!!