#TigerLimGoUSA Day 14

Today we meet a man from Somalia Mr. Mohamud Yussuf he is a publisher and chief editor of Runta Online Somali News. He share with us of his story of his life how he came here to US from his country. Is quite sad to hear his story lah but now his is having a good life at Seattle here. He also share with us how he started to use the social media here. 
After the meeting we went to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center see see look look there... then after the lunch we went to the Seattle Police Department.... don't don't worry we didn't do andy crime here at Seattle it just meet them and understand how they use facebook and the twitter there.
Then after that we meet Colin Jergens listen how he do with the Fuse Washington.
Today I learn and see they all have a different way to use the social media, facebook and twitter back in my country... They really do it very well here. I really surprise to see how they doing here... I really didn't expected social media can do such a different way and things! 

Seattle... Space needle!! I think this Saturday I'll go there have a visit!!

Can you funding me to do my blog too???

Please lah..... fund me lah can!!! I use PC lah!!!!

You can leave your message of what you think about the Climate Change and the screen!!

We visit the Pike Place Fish Market and having lunch there. My fiends was kana tipu and fall and sit on the floor... we all laugh like hell there!! Click HERE and see how they do with the fish passing here and there. 

We'll see pigs around the market and shop!!!

This the Starbucks 1st outlet.....sorry I'm not a coffee lover and I can't drink coffee.. it not I'll also go Q up and go inside!

Looking for my lunch....

I got this Corndog for my 1st time!!!

Fresh oysters.... too bad I'm not in the mood to eat!!!

Columbia Center the tallest building at Seattle. 967 feet tall...

Oh.... did I say anything about US in my blog???

We have a meeting with the people who work behind the Seattle Police Department social media.

Lol.... I try to act like a special agency!!!
Lol.... I think I'll be look like this if I have a crime here....

Mr. Colin Jergens, Communications Director of Fuse Washington


After the whole day of meeting I taking a walk around the Seattle City... See the life. people and building!!

For some people their life here are not easy!!!

8pm already and the sky is still bright!!!