#TigerLimGoUSA Day 12

Guys... today I really glad to meet an awesome man in a small town at Lincoln. Yes a man in a small town that do a big stuff reach out the world. Clint Runge he is the Principle + Creative Director of Archrival. I have no idea how and what they do until I saw their presentation... it was awesome and so envy what they do.... such a big project and yet is pop out from a small city. They did a really good job with the digital advertising for RedBull and Adidas... Ok now I know who is the one who work behind of this things now. 
After the meeting we went to the Nebraska Capitol again but this time we meet a very young female senator Armada McGill and we have a surprise visitor which is a famous Nebraska Senator, Ernie Chambers.  He is a great man and have style too. Too bad we are in the rush in this trip if not we can have more time to see and learn more about Lincoln, Nebraska 
Sorry about my contents here... I was in the rush and did it at the airport so not so detail about what I do!!! Ok I have to boarding now!! see you all again when I landed Seattle 

On the way to Archrival

Clint Runge 

Do you know how much gallon you sweats...

They company also part of this!!!

Clint Runge and Tiger Lim

On the way to Nebraska Capitol

Skyview from the Capitol

Law library inside the capitol

This is the touch light they use back to 1935.... and is still working now!!! awesome

Senator Armada McGill

Surprise Visitor... hehehe

Visit to a farm...

Mr. Ben told us how he use the social media in the community 

I like the sun here!!

Meeting time... with all the IVLP

Yahoo.... cycling time!!!

last last... we makan here!!!