#TigerLimGo USA Day 4

Oh Mamamiya... early in the morning want to walk to the World Learning already saw a Hot & Sexy lady park in front our my hotel. My soul totally been suck out by her and stop walking. Oh bruthers how I wish I can bring her back home and drive her everyday. From picture you see her is totally different from the real one.. She side and shape really wide and huge.... man this is insane no wonder this is what people call the American Muscle Car lah...
Btw we are use walk to the center it just take 10 minutes to jalan there. The weather today like in you room put 5 unit 5 horsepower aircon... alamak gila lah the wind blow can mask you tulang one!! For the local people they already say is sejuk apalah lagi for me this 365 days live in the a tropical country one... How I wish I can continue to stay in my room and sleep.
Today is officially we all start for the program lah.. morning it just get to know everyone, introduce yourself and understand the program, time table and so and so. Lunch time we went to makan at a restaurant call OYA but from inside you look out is call Ayo.... lol 
OYA for me is kinda like a Fusion restaurant lah, the design really nice... got fireplace oh!! Foods is awesome and service of coz not need to mention lah!
Then after the lunch we visit to a George Mason University meet Dr. Jeremy D. Mayer.
Then sudah habits we went to the T.Mobile and get a line to use there. Don't play play oh finally I can use LTE (4G) for my iPhone 5 now!!! wohoo... speed like water jet washing my car oh...Awesome lah only usd$70.00 unlimited call and texting and internet for 30 days with no contracts!!! Yalah for some other country like Thailand or Indonesia you may think is expensive... but who care, not I got time to try use if don't use wait until I come back and use ka... speed like fishing in the river wait for fish to eat that long... better go to sleep lah!

 Walking to the World Learning.

They have this almost every T-junction selling coffee and hotdog I call it Washington Kedai Runcit!!!

Here we are!!! 1015

Wondering why is the number for the Bathroom? Wireless I understand lah but Bathroom???? Why!!!!!!!

Oh.... Ok know I know why. You have to key in the number then baru open door for you!!!

This is where we makan our lunch!!!

Nice kan!!!

Ayo..... lol

But their foods not Ayo... is Yummy!!!

deep fried Maki roll....

Mandarin Chicken Salad... Look like western cuisine but taste like chinese food.

This is my dessert... yummy!! 

After walk out the from the restaurant and I saw this monster. Haiya if I have one back in Brunei I wonder who dare to bully on the road hehehe!!!

I back to school oh!!!!!

Who say must school high high one people baru can masuk Uni!!! 

Dr. Jeremy give us the overview of the U.S. system of Government.

Oh.... like that!!!!!

I wonder what type of foods they serve!!!

On the way back to our hotel I got this... now I can back to live my life normally with 24/7 social media. Don't play play finally I can have LTE with my iPhone5 after been using is one year!!
How's the speed... aiyo like water jet for car wash oh!!!!

 The sky still "Shine Bright Like A Diamond" here at 7:30pm!!! Kinda not used to it!