Luggage Checked, Passport Ticket Checked, Souvenir Computer Camera All Checked!! Ok I'm ready to go!!!
USA.... Here I come!!!
Are you surprise to see this? Yeah me too I also can't believe that I been chosen fly to Washington D.C. 
It just like a dream to me and this dream I never expected it come to me. Tomorrow I start fly to Washington D.C to attend the International Visitor Leadership Program project entitled " ASEAN: Connecting Sustainable Communities through New Media". Everything are funded by the U.S Department of State... Yalo don't play play ticket, hotel, pocket money all funded oh you tell me how I'm don't want to go!! Some more right the trip go to Florida, Nebraska, Washington and California!!!! Awesome right. Tomorrow I'll start my new chapter there and back by the end of the month!
I'll post my day of life photo in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram check out my hashtag #tigerlimgousa.
I'm so glad that they choose me... all I can say is I think I'm just lucky lah!! You know what this time the broken~english blogger have to be seriously share his broken~english there with the people he meet oh!!! hahahaha
Honestly at first I am excited about this trip but this comes to this few day I started nervous sudah. I'm not sure am I ready for this or not.
Is true bruthers... if you have a dream or a goal just don't give up even you have face to a wall or failure. All you need is a TIME and CHANCE to make it success one day, as Nike say Just Do It!!
Like me as a example sudah... last time a person said my english lauya not suitable for their cooperate use... and because of that Thanks to them I came out this idea. Since my english are bad let's do the Best Bad English lah so I have this Broken~English Blogger!!!
I can do it... So can you!!!

I was nervous when I receive the ticket and document from H.E Daniel Shields.