Shake Shack. Dupont Circle, DC.

This is my first stop for the American Best Food In Town. I went to try out this call SHAKE SHACK at the Dupont Circle, DC. origin from N.Y.
We took a walk from our hotel to restaurant it took us 15  minutes walk saja. Yeah it sound like 15 minutes walk is kinda far for us from Brunei but it actually not that far it just that every time we cross the road have to wait for the Little Green Man to turn green then can cross the road btw we walk walk stop take picture...walk walk stop take picture..apa lagi not take 15 minutes to reach there kan! If is none stop just jalan I think it can less than 10 minutes...
I ordered their famous burger call 'Shack Stack Cheeseburger' and a 'Shroom Burger' topped with Lettuce, tomato and shackSauce... basically is 2 different patty into one burger. btw Shroom Burger is crisp-fried portobello mushroom filled with melted musnster and cheddar cheese.
so you can imagine that one you bite the burger there a river or cheese just flow out from your burger... how awesome it that right!!
Of coz having this kind of American foods how can I no come with glass of beer kan!! I had their own beer call ShackMeister Ale®. Omg... this two things mix together totally is perfect lah!!!
oh... I still can feel that the cheese running in my mouth now!!
Is recommended...worth to try!!!

Is a cool night weather but is all worth to walk till here and makan!!! Awesome....

 Crazy lah.. the Q better stop one people are come here for their burger!!!

 A very good idea that share with you here... is an express line call C-line but only can get cold F&B.

 They menu board huge and easy to understand while wait in the Q you already can read it and decide what you want to eat .

 Good idea!!!

Ah.... me me me.... ah I want this ah.... this a Shake Shack bur burger..... and Beer..ah.. ShackMeister Ale. TangQ. hello you understand my english?

 There you are..... wondering how big is it??? Just look at your iPhone's screen... 

Hello... baby!!! 

Please be careful the cheese burn your lips!!! Omg.. look at the cheese flow out from the burger... Nyaman lah Bruthers!!!

 Oh.... I.... See.... so this is how the bun hold the patties not come out from behind of the burger. Ok now I know liao!!!

 Oh man... Ramy is really can eat don't see his body small small like that!!!

Hong(Vietnam) and me try to put the whole things in mouth!!! LOL