Ray's The Steaks

Oh god.... this is the best best I ever had. Ray's The Steaks is located in The Navy League Building at 2300 Wilson Boulevard on the corner of Clarendon Boulevard and N. Wayne Street  Arlington, VA 22201.
Not only the best steak I have but also the biggest size too. From the picture you see here is hardly to tell how exactly the size are.... just imagine that the size of iPad lah.. ya something like that!
Me and Ramy(Singapore) we took a taxi to there and we order this giant steak call "The Cowboy For Two". This steak is good enough for 2 person makan, we both kuat kuat makan also cannot finish all. And we order a bottle 2009 Argentina Wine, they famous seafood soup and the cowboy steak all together with tax and tips nearly one hundred Brunei dollars per person (included taxi come and go) 
Ya it sound kinda expensive but still think is worth it. This is once in the life time experience I totally agree worth it Bruther!!!

This steak like longer than my face oh!!!! hahahah

Great... the menu also show you which park of the beef you makan!  

Hehehe.... We don't want to waste my stomach's spaces so just eat the peanut saja, roti sorry lah I don't know what's the taste!!!

Eat red meat must drink red wine... awesome!!!

Oh ya........ I'm in heaven now!!!

A perfect Medium Rare.

They seafood soup totally amazing