Peugeot 208 5 Doors

I notice that we bloggers cannot campur with the others reporters.... Every time meet up sure got funny and crazy stories one!
Like today we all four still in the ASEAN Meeting mood so we taking this historical moment during the soft launch of the Peugeot 208 Five Doors... hahahaha
Luckily we just chit chat and taking photos in the Peugeot showroom... If we all together test drive the 208 hehehe I think habis lah in the car don't know what stupid thing come out and sure lol in there one.
Recently T.C.Y Motore Sdn Bhd just launch the 3 doors one. If you think is too small or un-convenient in and out dari belankang now Peugeot 208 have 5 doors now. I think is more suitable for a small family or bini size like my wife pakai can lah... For a man like me or my size and height I think better choose other much better lah like 408 or 3008.
I haven't try to test drive the car so cannot tell you how's is the car performance and handling but one thing I really sure that I like is the transparence roof lah! 
The only differences between the 3-door and 5-door are the rims, front grille, and self-evident side profile. The 5-doors pakai 16” ‘Helium’ wheels while the 3-doors pakai 17” ‘Oxygen’ rims. 

In conjunction of the launching of the Peugeot 208 VTi, a dancing competition was held on the Peugeot Brunei facebook fanpage from the beginning of this month. Interested participants had to submit their video entry themed “Let Your Body Drive” to the Peugeot Kiarong Showroom, or email it to the designated email for review and upload. From there, the public can vote for their favourite entry, and the top 5 videos with the most ‘Likes’ were shortlisted.  The closing date for video submission was officially closed last Saturday and the top 5 participants were announced; namely The Last Minute Crew, B-Boy Street Life Crew, A.S.O.D, Fiz Damit and Dr. Trix. One lucky voter who voted for their favourite video entry also won a prize, drawn from more than a thousand voters by the Marketing Executive, Mr Lim Kai Wei.  Local studios, Groove Studio and Studioscene, were invited to be the guest judges. They along with the finalists will then be invited to attend the launching of the Peugeot 208 5-doors this Saturday night, 4th May 2013, at the Peugeot Kiarong Showroom. Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 winners where the top prize is $500 in cash prize.  Besides the prize presentation and anticipated launching of the award-winning 5-doors variant, there will also be a lucky draw in which guests will be able to win an Apple iPhone 5.  To find out more about the latest offerings/promotions of Peugeot models by T.C.Y. Motors, call 2426969 or visit the Peugeot showroom in Kiarong or KB branch. ‘Like’ Peugeot Brunei on for the latest updates, news and events. You can also follow Peugeot Brunei on Instagram at @PeugeotBrunei.