My New Watch...Hehehe

You know what.... Some time man fall in love is because of the Love In The First Sight even buying a stuff also the same thing. But after all being together baru notice that actually it wasn't what they expected and way they wants to be. But no choice oh... already be together sudah quite some time sudah cannot say buang just buang one... last last what to do, not happy also have to accept.

Me I'm difference.... I always choose the things that people normally they don't choose one or else I want to be the first one who choose! Maybe that is the reason why it makes me unique lah!

Like this one G-Shock I just recently bought it in the  Brunei Casio G-Shock Share/Sell/Trade and last night baru sampai! I been monitor it on the first day when the admin posted in the group see who are interested this watch but funny how come no body click like or ask for inbox the price. 
For what I know and my experiences the watch picture in the group always look difference with the real one! The bad looking one in photo always looking good in real so I think that is the reason why this white color G-Shock no body ask for it.
Me apa lagi tarus order this watch lah coz I'll me the first and only one own this watch in Town. Don't play play oh this G-Shock, this is the latest release at last week (limited summer edition) GWX-5600C-7JF only Japan have but now I also have it here. Thanks to Frankie Tia I can have it so fast!
What so special about this watch?
Aiyo.... Macam-macam manyak function ada loh... Can see full moon half moon or no moon, can see high tide low tide, solar power some more and have multi band 6..... Power lah Bruthers!!!
After this apa lagi??? Hehehe ada lah just stay tune saja!!!