As Usual, My Touch Down Meal.

Yap... macam biasa lah as usual me once touch down first or second day I'm sure go to a nearest Mcdonald's near my hotel and eat there. Here are the one Mcd that near my hotel, it just less than 10 minutes walk 14th St Nw.
Yes... finally I have my original taste of McDonald's, Coke and the Fries in USA :)
How's was it taste??? Eh... I can say is different and is A lot Different oh!!!
Size and Taste... Their Large Size compare with our Large Size, I think ours one is consider small size!
I already cannot finish it all sudah apa lagi if I order the Super Size one!! Wa that one I think is my Whole Day Meal lah!! Taste I think is the Fries lah... You really can taste it totally different one. I think maybe is because of the salt lah!!!
Oh my.... is heaven man. Finally I have try it oh!!!

 Can you see the different there!!!! Big right....

Double Quater Pounder, One Large Side Fries and Coke!!!