Wu Chun New Movie " Saving General Tang "

You expected me today going to talk about the traffic light things at roundabout right??? hehehe you wrong liao.... that one you and me also know what is going on lah btw one day we will use to it.
I'm talking about Wu Chun new movie better!!! Support support him lah right! We watched it at the Times Cineplex with the Media kaki!!!
"Saving General Yang" at first I don't know what is that until I saw the chinese movie name then I baru know is what movie. In fact I don't not so like this story from long time ago... Is about a family Yang they whole family members are warriors. They all very loyal to their country and fight for it.
Last last the men all die, So the Yang family are all left woman and so they fight too... 
But of coz Wu Chun this new movie got not that long lah!!! 
Not bad this movie but you found that is like a Chinese version 300+Lord of The Ring+Troy
This movie honestly if you have the Chinese Wuxia story background is more easy to understand the movie like why it has a River of Blood, A old man and the sheep, why Wu chun insist what to bring back the body and the small piece of white letter etc etc...
Leak some info for you bruthers.... The Taiko of Young And Dangerous is coming to town for promoting this movie if there is nothing last minute change sure have tu!!!
#Oh... me lonely oh no one want to sit with me!!!!

Movie baru start you see is him!!!! Wu Chunnnnnnnnnnn..... ah!!!!!! No pakai baju some more... but kasian kana beat by the father 

Bah come support support our Bruthers lah!!! 

After watching the movie on my way back home I saw this!!! Local version Mr.Bean