Where CAn Buy G-Shock In Town?

Crazy lah me this few day, Running here and there so many thing to do but not all of the stuff I do is all my stuff... Just about the watch I already help four of my friends buy and delivery the G-Shock for them sudah. After I back from Bangkok trip I bought the G-Shock now like everyone around me all started gila G-Shock. Now I think I should share with you all where that can get the Latest, Nice and Reasonable price G-Shock in town here. I had bought from this guy Frankie Tia four numbers G-Shock from him. Price, Service, Information all awesome. If you guys are interested with G-Shock you can go into this Facebook Page or add for add in the group chat!
All the watches have to pre-order and is original from Japan... How I know? coz that day the watch ngam-ngam arrive he tarus deliver for me and I saw the box box address are posted from japan!
So is two thumbs up for this lah... Me not need to go far far to buy or what Abay Bbay Cbay there buy and takut is fake one!
Not only new G-Shock we can get it from there but also the Limited one also have like Supra, Ultraman, Astroboy, Transformer macam-macam ada.
Now in his hand still have few which you can buy now not need to wait for 2 week arrive.
G-Shock lover's heaven lah there in the FB. Do pay a visit there! 

This are another 2 G-Shock I help my friends to buy from there! Nice right the green one! Only B$189.00 each if you want have to pre-order lah!

This one is available now left one
GAC-100AC B$239

GR-8900-1 B$149.00

GA-120-1 B$189.00

Astroboy Japan limited edition only have 1000 pieces saja!!! B$259.00

DW-5600 Ultraman B279.00