Sushi Tei

Wow... here come another place for makan!!!!
Sushi Tei opened at the Gadong Central there which is same block with the Mr. Baker's Cafeteria and Babu's Kitchen. This is place it use to be the Kaiz Cuisine but unfortunately they can't survive but now the Sushi Tei take over the places....
Now this place is a new and totally different sudah not like last time anymore in fact I found it is nicer and better not only the places but also their foods also more choices.
Honestly tell you.... I was really impress by their desserts and found some of it is totally different then others and only they have especially the "Eskimo Pino" it was really awesome, everyone of us come out the sound of MMMMMM.... right after it melt in our mouth! I really strongly recommend you have a try with their Eskimo Pino after your meal! 
I don't think I need to highlight about their sushi and sashimi sudah lah... coz I'm sure you all also know it must have to be FRESH then is yummy right... No worries they salmon, tuna, octopus, prawn etc all pass! FYI I just try my first  OTORO was  here! 

Outside view of Sushi Tei

 Inside Panorama View....

I can say it was generous with their size of Sashimi!!

 Here I come.... Otoro!!!!

 The best moment.... finally it come!!!

 Oh Baby.... I love you!!! Eskimo Pino, I'll forever remember your name!!!

Please..... Get one of this too!!! Yummy oh!!

 This one also ah!!!!!!!!!! Thumbs Up.

 This one... is.....