SCR Fusion Restaurant

Have you heard that there is a new restaurant just opened in town?
Yes there is one at Gadong right next to the C.Y Lim Clinic which is same block with Thien Thien Chicken Rice there! 
SCR Fusion now not only just serve you their chicken rice but also some Asian and Western Foods.
You don't expected the new SCR is like the old one at behind Jati Transport there. They no more like Kampong style any more and the prices also a bit upgrade too. SCR Fusion is running the boutique style. Is a very nice place to now compare their old one this is something new bruthers.
Foods wise... i can say is variety are a lot to choose but not complicate. Prices can be saying middle range lah!!
How's the foods? Eh... I think is still new and I not sure what is their signature food yet but just now I order the "Sambal Butter Milk Chicken rice is nice and my wife she was impress by their Grill Seabass too.  Let's have a try next time if you plan not just want to eat Chicken Rice saja!!

 Panorama view inside the restaurant 

Is a nice place with couple of friends to chill here! 

 Their menu very easy to understand... see picture can know what yo order liao! 

 This is their Breakfast Menu only available till 11:00am saja

 My lunch Sambal Butter Chicken.

 Wa... so Kiasu one their plate so big!!!

My wife's lunch Grill Seabass.