PHB Ethical Beauty

Yo Bruthers... mmm wrong I should say hello daddy and mommy!!! Have you all heard about this new shop opened at the Times Square called PHB ka???
I also just told by someone that they have some creams that is good for children who have a sensitive skin especially for those got eczema problem is good.
Lucky me my both daughters don't have eczema problems but I know in town there is a lot some daddy mommy's baby have this problem.
Although my daughters don't have lah but my eldest one she have a little sensitive skin problem on she back of her kaki (see picture below)
So that day I went to take a look and see got some thing for my anak pakai or not! The shop PHB is located at the Times Square 1st floor (same-same with the All Season there)

If no one told me about this shop...I tell you I'll never walk into the shop one unless I go shopping with my wife lah. From outside you look into it your know is a Lady Cosmetic Shop lah! How you want a man like eat full full got nothing to do walk in a take a look! But now I had learn a lesson, yes is true don't just a book by the cover. They not only have the cream I talk about but also have shampoo, shave lotion and skin care for man too! Me is look for the cream lah but maybe I'll try with their other man stuff.
About the cream.... hehe lupanya is not a cream. Is more like a Gel/jelly thing is make from Aloe Vera. All made by hand and is from UK, Halal Certified, Free from Parabens SLS, Alcohol, Aritificial Fragrance, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Dyes.

I think is a good stuffs lah so just share with some daddy mommy here... not so expensive only like B$32.90 saja worth to try... and can use many times!
I went to the website and study this gel and I discover what is the name PHB stand for, is mean Pure Halal Beauty. mmmm interesting! Click HERE for their website. HERE for the FB.
This is my daughter's legs lah... at the back always like this red red and she feel itchy and always come and go. Don't know how come like that lah. When every time got this my wife put cream(sorry I don't know what cream she use lah) it take about few days to hilang but some day some how it come back again.

After I try with the PHB "Skin Perfect Gel" 2 days is like this...
Ya it's look better now but I don't know will it come back or not lah! But I'll keep using it see how lah.
btw.. it not need to apply much, just a little bit ok sudah. I think one bottle everyday use also can use for few months lah!

Every easy to find... before the Supa Save saja ba!

This are the gel lah... got 4 different type for different needed!
This is the famous one which special for Eczema skin. FYI is out of stock now they said coming soon at early April!

Free from Parabens SLS, Alcohol, Aritificial Fragrance, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Dyes...

Don't play play... got Halal cert some more!!! 

I noticed many people came in is for the gel.....