New Kopitiam In Town Killiney

Check it out.... New kopitiam had just opened at the Times Square. Normally when people tell you a new shop open at Times Square the first thing in your mind is you'll go inside the mall and look where they open one right! Yea me also the same thing... Like this one Killiney Kopitiam I went to see see look look go up and down in the mall I still don't see got new shop there. Lupanya is out side the mall... and is kinda hidden there. It located just right next to the Baiduri Bank (a.k.a behind the escalator go up  to the cinema there)
Killiney kopitiam origin from Singapore since 1919... wow don't play play nearly one hundred years already tu! I notice their foods mostly are not heavy type. I more kinda old style real kopitiam like at Seria town there. 
When you come here few thing I can suggest you to try. Their Kopi of coz, second try their Curry Chicken with Roti. Cornflake Toast. Their Laksa also not bad taste like Nyonya style.
Do drop by and have a try!! 

 You must walk smapai behind the escalators then baru can see them!!! 
 I wondering what happen to 20's to 80's.... hehehe

 Interview by the media...

Compare with others kopi I notice that their kopi is more Gao-Gao and Rice!!! 

My old time way to eat curry.... Roti with curry awesome lah! 

 Ham and cheese toaste!!! 

 Mee Siam.....

Laksa...... Do you notice they serve 2 pieces half cut boil egg??? This is my first time I see got like that way!! Nice

 Cornflake Toast!! Try it...