My Recent Busy Days

This few day me busy preparing for my next trip. This trip is totally different like what I did before!!
Far.... really really far!! From the first day I heard I kana invited me happy until now. I'm know sure am I really for this trip or not but I have to give myself a try. This is one in the life time trip even I no school high high, broken-english, halfway downloaded limited edition english also have to go!!!

Yalah... that's the reason why me kinda busy this few day running here and there! Interview, Preparing some info, buy cloths, shoes, bags. asking people opinion, cari lobang, cari sponsor... aiya macam-macan ada lah. not included sent my wife to work, pickup my anak from school, preparing/meeting for the Beach Bunch event Beachathon at this coming Saturday and some coverage event for my blog!!!
Aiya some more this few day the Sun like mad on this wife... the weather so Jialat hot bruthers!!!
Aircon full blast also like no pakai one!!!
Anyway.... 2 more weeks lagi and I gonna Smell what The Rock Is Cooking!!!!!

Special thanks to Brunei Tourism which help me for the gifts!!!! Awesome!!!