Muffins & Co

The name sound like a famous shop from oversea one Oh!!! No no no.... is 100% local Bruthers and is own by the Mr.Baker's oh don't play play!!!
They are just recently open at the Airport Mall 1st floor at the last go in deep deep at the SOUQ.
Nice lah the place... when I walk into the lorong I feel like walking in a small town's of a street in Europe and you also can say walk in a Art Gallery too coz it has a lot of art display there too.
Have try their Muffins... I find that their muffins not very sweet, it just nice there.
At the moment only can Buy and Go Away... their shop is a very small space there so I don't think you want to stand up there and makan.. but you do can sit outside the lorong and enjoy their muffins coz there have couple of coffee table and bench around there allow you to makan!!! Have a try and do drop by the SOUQ too I'm sure you like the place there! 

Got Europe feel or not?