Mini Paceman

I went so many car launching in Brunei this Mini Paceman I can say is the most happening one. I like the Party concept to do the car launch. The Mini showroom at Mabohai turn into a club is down town.
So got feel there... The moment I walk in at the lorong already feel like gonna go party sudah.. Awesome lah Bruthers!
I also impressed when the car come out from behind the screen... Steady steady.. I see couple of car launch like this way but I like this mini Paceman more. 

Drive out from behind the projector screen...

I like this brown one than blue color!!!

Back view of the Paceman

Everyone in the London mood! 

Photo time...

Got bodyguard outside the club some more!! hehehe That's my real brother...are we same face?

You must get a MINI's chop before masuk

Let's Party!!!! 

Special souvenir from the launching. Is a Mini ice tray. Nice right!