Lucky of The Lucky Winner of TonyMoly

Sia Leh Hiong received a special gifts from the TonyMoly

Will you give up your grand lucky draw to other people? No right!!!
But I do really witness today at the Airport Mall TonyMoly during the draw of the grand prize to Korea. Is a 3 days trip included return air ticket, check in 5 starts hotel, City Tour go see see look look and meet JYJ only not included is your pocket money lah! But too bad the 1st winner Sia Leh Hiong she can't fly on the 9th of April coz due to the Qing Ming so she decide to give up her prize to another lucky winner.
During the event she draw another winner for the grand prize and the winner fall on Janet Ong Siok Mei. As I said she is the Lucky of The Lucky Winner lah! Janet Ong she is the regular customer of TonyMoly and also a Super Fans of JYJ. This is the great opportunity fly all the way to Korea and met her Super Stars!!!
Janet Ong she will be representing the Brunei TonyMoly Lucky Winner with the 12 country from Asia together go Korea and meet JYJ.... eh Siok lah!!!

 Sia Leh Hiong pick the next lucky winner!!! 

Winner fall on Jenet Ong

Calling Jenet Ong and come TonyMoly to claim her prize. 

 Janet still think is a joke when told she won the prize!!! Eh.... April Fool still early lah!!!! 

 #Oh... so lucky.... Can I follow?