King of The King King King Prawn

Ya ya ya..... You all Wow wow.... Wa wa!!!
Me also same like you when my friend WhatsApp me at the first time. I also cannot believe what I see. At first I thought my friend just want to prank us and photoshop enlarge the prawn but second thought I don't think he got that smart can do that!
This is really huge lah.. I never see this such big prawn in my life...  If is a Lobster I can understand lah but this is just Prawn lah. If i'm not wrong is Tiger Prawn right.. but still I never see got Tiger Prawn got this big one!!
I wondering this prawn is it same like the Godzilla kana Nuclear radiation sudah and become like this big Oh... hahahahahah

Is a same size as a man palm. One ekor of this I think is enough for one man!!!
This is catch in out Brunei water... as you can see our seafood is so awesome! Look at the blue back behind there banyak lah!!!

Crazy...... longer than a chili bottle. If I cook this two prawn with Prawn Mee.... aiyoyo Nyaman lah!!!