Earth Day Beachathon 2013

How are you people long time no see you already Oh.... I miss you all Beach Lovers!!!
Yap last weekend is the Beach Bunch 1st event of the 2013. We having a  Beachathon at Meragang Beach in conjunction the Earth Day! This is our second year beachathon and this year the Beachathon it have 199 awesome beach lovers joining us! At first we are plan to have like 50 people joining us saja mana tau last last more and more people come to join us. Because due to our Man Power Ranger not enough if not we can let more people joining us. It was a great morning but at 9:30am the Sun started power up his heat toward us... Wa jialat lah I almost get sun burn sudah but still ok lah coz fun kan!
This beachathon not only that we hang out together enjoy the beach but also educated and show people how important that we shouldn't littering out beautiful country!  
Best part of the day is we have a The Weirdest Trash contest which is everyone pick a trash see who got the Weirdest one!!! The winner will win an awesome prize which sponsor by Concepts Computer. 

Long time no see buddies!!!

President of Beach Bunch giving a safety briefing to everyone! 

Everyone have chance to get wet!!! 

Almost Beautiful....

We have a Yellow Beast  ATV bringing people who have sensitive skin which can't across the river!!!

Thanks for helping us up for everyone crossing the river!!!
Vincent Pao the General Manager Concepts Computer giving the prize to the Weirdest Trash Winner!

Special thanks to  Rentokil Initial, Tony Moly and Concepts Computer for sponsoring this event!!!