Dafu Restaurant

If you are a Prawn Noodle lover then you should try this Peneng Prawn Noodle at the Kg. Bunut Dafu Restaurant it was awesome nice lah! Dafu is located at the same block with the Interhouse (Canon) is easy to find one lah..
I seldom come to this area but if is good food I far far also come makan. What I like of their Peneng Prawn Noodle is the Soup lah thumbs up bruthers... but if you mix some of their belacan (on table one not the one they extra serve) it will lagi best yo!! Only B$6.00 worth to have a try lah!!!
I suggest eat there hot hot don't Tapao... normally tapao food always potong steam one tu!
If their prawn can big big one wa... that will be perfect lah!
P/s: This is a not halal restaurant

This is the one.... second unit!!!

Same block with teh Canon Interhouse!!!  

 Nice and Clean... 

 Ya... this is the one Belacan I told you, mix it in your prawn soup... Thumbs up!!!

 I'm too full already... if not you can see the bottom of the bowl!!!