Concepts Computer Celebrating 14th Anniversary

Yesterday Concepts Computer they celebrating the 14th Anniversary at the Kiulap branch showroom.
Not only they makan-makan but also they launch their new 4 GB printed with their logo and name...
What so special with the pendrive? Yes is special... Not only it has One Year Warranty but also once you own this pendrive you'll become their member and entitle to buy any of their Surprise Deals with Special Prices!!!
Example their Acer Harddisk 500gb is B$80 (which is cheap already) if you own their pendrive you can get it B$58.00, Epson L210 printer B$228.00 become B$198.00, Aspire V5-431-100074G50 B$568.00 become B$498.00. Awesome right!! Where can you find such a good deal oh.... Now is open for everyone in town , out town or down town from 27th April till 27th May 2013.
How much is their pendrive? B$8.00 only bruthers and is lifetime membership Oh...

 Concepts Computer GM Vincent Pao giving the speech during the 14th anniversary celebration.

The Marketing Executive of Concepts Computers, Zul Abdul Rahman showing the media how it works with their Pendrive.

Look at the size of their Pendrive!! 

 Apply now and get the Surprise Deals today!!!

Makan Time!!! 

Is Lunch O'Clock