Sushi Tei

Wow... here come another place for makan!!!!
Sushi Tei opened at the Gadong Central there which is same block with the Mr. Baker's Cafeteria and Babu's Kitchen. This is place it use to be the Kaiz Cuisine but unfortunately they can't survive but now the Sushi Tei take over the places....
Now this place is a new and totally different sudah not like last time anymore in fact I found it is nicer and better not only the places but also their foods also more choices.
Honestly tell you.... I was really impress by their desserts and found some of it is totally different then others and only they have especially the "Eskimo Pino" it was really awesome, everyone of us come out the sound of MMMMMM.... right after it melt in our mouth! I really strongly recommend you have a try with their Eskimo Pino after your meal! 
I don't think I need to highlight about their sushi and sashimi sudah lah... coz I'm sure you all also know it must have to be FRESH then is yummy right... No worries they salmon, tuna, octopus, prawn etc all pass! FYI I just try my first  OTORO was  here! 

Outside view of Sushi Tei

 Inside Panorama View....

I can say it was generous with their size of Sashimi!!

 Here I come.... Otoro!!!!

 The best moment.... finally it come!!!

 Oh Baby.... I love you!!! Eskimo Pino, I'll forever remember your name!!!

Please..... Get one of this too!!! Yummy oh!!

 This one also ah!!!!!!!!!! Thumbs Up.

 This one... is.....

SCR Fusion Restaurant

Have you heard that there is a new restaurant just opened in town?
Yes there is one at Gadong right next to the C.Y Lim Clinic which is same block with Thien Thien Chicken Rice there! 
SCR Fusion now not only just serve you their chicken rice but also some Asian and Western Foods.
You don't expected the new SCR is like the old one at behind Jati Transport there. They no more like Kampong style any more and the prices also a bit upgrade too. SCR Fusion is running the boutique style. Is a very nice place to now compare their old one this is something new bruthers.
Foods wise... i can say is variety are a lot to choose but not complicate. Prices can be saying middle range lah!!
How's the foods? Eh... I think is still new and I not sure what is their signature food yet but just now I order the "Sambal Butter Milk Chicken rice is nice and my wife she was impress by their Grill Seabass too.  Let's have a try next time if you plan not just want to eat Chicken Rice saja!!

 Panorama view inside the restaurant 

Is a nice place with couple of friends to chill here! 

 Their menu very easy to understand... see picture can know what yo order liao! 

 This is their Breakfast Menu only available till 11:00am saja

 My lunch Sambal Butter Chicken.

 Wa... so Kiasu one their plate so big!!!

My wife's lunch Grill Seabass. 

Concepts Computer Celebrating 14th Anniversary

Yesterday Concepts Computer they celebrating the 14th Anniversary at the Kiulap branch showroom.
Not only they makan-makan but also they launch their new 4 GB printed with their logo and name...
What so special with the pendrive? Yes is special... Not only it has One Year Warranty but also once you own this pendrive you'll become their member and entitle to buy any of their Surprise Deals with Special Prices!!!
Example their Acer Harddisk 500gb is B$80 (which is cheap already) if you own their pendrive you can get it B$58.00, Epson L210 printer B$228.00 become B$198.00, Aspire V5-431-100074G50 B$568.00 become B$498.00. Awesome right!! Where can you find such a good deal oh.... Now is open for everyone in town , out town or down town from 27th April till 27th May 2013.
How much is their pendrive? B$8.00 only bruthers and is lifetime membership Oh...

 Concepts Computer GM Vincent Pao giving the speech during the 14th anniversary celebration.

The Marketing Executive of Concepts Computers, Zul Abdul Rahman showing the media how it works with their Pendrive.

Look at the size of their Pendrive!! 

 Apply now and get the Surprise Deals today!!!

Makan Time!!! 

Is Lunch O'Clock 

New Kopitiam In Town Killiney

Check it out.... New kopitiam had just opened at the Times Square. Normally when people tell you a new shop open at Times Square the first thing in your mind is you'll go inside the mall and look where they open one right! Yea me also the same thing... Like this one Killiney Kopitiam I went to see see look look go up and down in the mall I still don't see got new shop there. Lupanya is out side the mall... and is kinda hidden there. It located just right next to the Baiduri Bank (a.k.a behind the escalator go up  to the cinema there)
Killiney kopitiam origin from Singapore since 1919... wow don't play play nearly one hundred years already tu! I notice their foods mostly are not heavy type. I more kinda old style real kopitiam like at Seria town there. 
When you come here few thing I can suggest you to try. Their Kopi of coz, second try their Curry Chicken with Roti. Cornflake Toast. Their Laksa also not bad taste like Nyonya style.
Do drop by and have a try!! 

 You must walk smapai behind the escalators then baru can see them!!! 
 I wondering what happen to 20's to 80's.... hehehe

 Interview by the media...

Compare with others kopi I notice that their kopi is more Gao-Gao and Rice!!! 

My old time way to eat curry.... Roti with curry awesome lah! 

 Ham and cheese toaste!!! 

 Mee Siam.....

Laksa...... Do you notice they serve 2 pieces half cut boil egg??? This is my first time I see got like that way!! Nice

 Cornflake Toast!! Try it...