Ubat Cina

Aiyoyo.... Susah lah. Why drink a quarter glass of Chinese's medicine is harder than drink a glass of beer. Now me have to suffering this for 3 day, 2 times a day!
Me wasn't sick really bad lah.. It just that me this this few month I have a little cough and feel some sputum and this keep come and go really make me annoying lah.
So yesterday I went to one chinese medicine shop and the master tell me to try this... if after 3 day still cannot come back I give you another one more power one!!
Then I go back home and open it wah bruther if I bring this go makan angin sure kana takap at the airport one cos it look like cocaine lah...hahaha

We all chinese knows our medicine is good but not all of us like to take it lah... Kalau is pill one still ok lah just open the mouth and swallow it no problem. But if is pakai drink one... wahahah you look at the bowl of macam kopi O is like M.Kinabalu to climb up ah! Drink is no problem... the problem is the taste!!! It don't make you vomit but it just make you going to think "Why Chinese Medicine Have To Taste Like That" 
You feel that there is Honey+Wood+Soil+RoseMary+iPhone5+Sumsung Note3+Ayam Penyet in there lah. 
So how do we deal with it? One hand to tutup our nose and the other hand quickly take the udat and drink it. But once you let go the hand to cover your nose... the next thing is our body do the Harlem Shake lah!! coz it gali with the smell lah!!