Thong Lo 55

On my second night and third night this is the place to had out dinner! Yes 2 nights in the roll... as you can see how much we like the foods here! 
To look for this place I think is more easy to look for the C&C. Use the BTS go to Thong Lo station and once you come down  cross the road and you'll see the road sign above. Walk 15 meter and that the place!!! Yes the restaurant doesn't look hygiene but their foods really awesome. Some more we choose to eat outside near the car passing us less then 5 meter away with speed 65km. FYI not only me like the foods here... even the Japanese people also like to eat here. Everyone came here the first dish 100% is their "Hoy Tod" (fried oyster, bean sprouts and eggs) once you eat sure kana hook!! Me kana hook for 6 years already!
  They only open start at 6.30pm what time they close I don't know lah. If you don't like to sit outside next to the road, sit inside also have got aircon some more. But if you sit outside make sure you don't put your phone or wallet bag in the table or chair don't later kana rob oh..don't say I don't tell! 
Price is cheap lah... B$30 enough for 3 to 4 person eat full full sudah lo!!! 

This is the place.... Ha Ha mean 55. Is a chinese thai restaurant. 

Every restaurant you'll see this small table/trolly to put your ice and drinks!!! 

 As you can see how close are we sit next to the road!!! Every time I eat here always imagine kana hit by the tut-tut!!! hehehe

The Famous Hoy Tod!!!! other restaurant or shopping mall food court also have but this is the best I had!!  

Salted egg fried with sotong!!! thumbs up.

Japanese Tufu with minced chicken

Eh... this one I don't know what is the name. It looks like pakis but is not. It do taste like jungle vegi lah and is spicy! 

 Yummy+Hot+Spicy+Road Side = Awesome Thai Food!!!

Second Night.... Again We eat Hoy Tod but this time we sit inside the room! 

TomYam Kong!!!!

Again I don't remember what the name.... Is fried chicken lah!