Terminal 21

Yes we both did day today is the last day we had enough for the shopping and just for makan in Bangkok saja  but on our way back to hotel I just notice that there is a new shopping mall just next to the Asok Station. Terminal 21 is just opened October 2011 which is my last trip there they open after one month... aiyo no wonder I don't know lah! 
I feel kinda regret to spend my money by buying those pants and shirts few days ago! 
Here got more choices for me and the design are better. Prices also reasonable and some of the kids shirt and pant the quality and price much more better than MBK! 
Me next time I come Bangkok I'm sure some here first and buy puas puas then baru go others mall

Inside the mall you feel like you are in the airport. Signboard to tell you departure at what country.

Wah... Just a few second I come to Turkey already!

San Francisco bridge

Top is the food court... another nice place for makan!!! 
Macam-Macam makan ada!!!

When we about to go then we saw a unit selling this "HOI TOD" apa lagi sit down and eat lah!!!
3 days in the roll eating this.... Aloi

Next station.... London!!!

Everybody Shuffling.... you want the baju come here is the right place! 

Eh.... I'm not so sure they put four pigs in the shop!! FungSui maybe,

Less than B$8.00 saja and the quality also not bad!! How you tell me not to buy???

I bought this for my daughter... only B$10.50 

Now let's go Japan!!! 

Eh... this level is more for girl one lah!!! 

#MadBites may love to have this seat!!! 

Help me out!!!!