Supper Time!!!

Cannot sleep.... bah lets go have some supper lah! 
After the dinner at Thong Lo 55 we both continue our happy hour. In Bangkok as long as you rajin to walk saja you sure can find some place is interesting one. Like this street Sukhumvit Soi 11 very near out hotel walk for 10 minutes only and the lorong you'll see people use a very fancy and cute VW van to do business. Most of them are serve alcohol. If fine you don't drink but also can come here see see look look their van. Their van just part the road side open the roof, put up the music and chair and start to serve you whatever you want to drink lah. Macam-macam cocktail they also can make.
Me not really like to drink here lah coz kinda hot bruthers.... better buy 2 beer go back hotel and drink lagi better! 

Yeah... this is what we both like. The Thai street satay!!! OMG yummy-yummy!!! 
Look have to Q one ah Don't play play!!!