Roundabout Speed Limit?

Hehehe... I don't know why I always like that like to ask people silly questions. Maybe is because I am a kind of person who like to look for a Question in a Answer!! That say I ask "why Chicken breast don't have Nipple" then today is a very simple question but also enough to make my reader sak-sak there! 
The question is "What is the speed limit at the kiarong roundabout" 
Ya it sound simple right... but if you think about it carefully the question which mean that what is "speed limit" that you and my car can reach right? 
Many people gave the answer is all under 50km. But the correct answer is 70mph/112km. Anyone of your car drive more than that you are ready to see your car OverSteer sudah or wait and see your car all the way drifting until you bing bang bong bing.......hahahah

But now think back to the real question lah... I still don't know what it the speed limit to drive on the Kiarong's roundabout. I don't see any speed limit sign there too. Some time I really don't understand why got people drive like a speed racer there! Everyday I must have to use the roundabout and I always think that when is my turn to accident there!!! (touch wood touch wood)
Now soon there is traffic light to indicate who go, who stop like the airport and beribi one. But this is a bit different is kiarong one is 3 line... I still haven't figure out how it works. Hopefully it can reduce car accident and more efficient lah!!!