PSW New Branch Citis Square Soft Opening

Yesterday is the PSW they soft launched their new branch at the Citis Square (not at the Fish&Co side).
Once you masuk in there you automatic can feel that is PSW look! The roof, the green color and the foods! Of coz here are something different than the main branch at Gadong which is here serve with rice with every dishes except for noodles lah!  
Only there they have some new dishes in the new menu. There are 3 new foods I put in my list sudah.
First is the Duck Penyet then second is the Laksa Medan and the last one is my old skoll favorite chinese food Shi Jiu Beef Kuih Tiow! Me I strongly recommend you try the Duck Penyet first even my friend food blogger Thanis Lim don't like eat duck but he also like the duck penyet here now!
 For reservation please dial there number 234-0608 at Citis Square Branch unit 4 ground floor.

The roof is a must in the restaurant tu!! 

Don't like to sit down there.... up here are can sit!!!

This Laksa Medan is my new favorite food in PSW.

Two thumbs up Bruthers!!! Try once their Duck Penyet.

Now I know where can I get my old favorite Shi Jiu Beef Kuih Tiow.