Parking Behind

Bruthers... when you go Kiulap Hua Ho shopping kan at the back entrance now you can park your car there sudah!!! Today me went there for shopping baru tah I know! Good good good now is more convenient for all the shopping liao lah.. not like last time have to park far far or turn and turn look for one parking! 
But come think about it this parking area should open 10 years ago lah why have to wait until today right!!!
But one thing have to be careful here is when you pass by have to watch out for those car who park in this area.... Just now I sikit lagi kana langga by one car coz he don't see people come out from the entrance and drive a bit fast lah. Not like at the front door there they have set few hump so the driver can slow down their speed.
An advise for the Kiulap Hua Ho is better make the hump or signs before one day someone or a kid kana run over by a car!!! We never know kan.. me already sikit kana hit sudah apa indah other people kan!!!
Bruthers please drive slow there Ok!!!