Yeah..... I'm the first one who tested this car...hahahah.
Yesterday I was invited by the Boustead Sdn Bhd to try out their new touch down Nissan Elgrand at the Tarindak Polo Cafe at Jerudong there. Me 7 morning 8 morning already go there after I send my wife to work. 
I own a 7 seater car but of coz cannot compare with this elegant luxury nissan elgrand lah. Is Bigger and longer than my orlando, at first I thought it could be kinda hard to drive but I was wrong... 
I don't feel like I'm driving a Van at all... Everything is so smooth and comfy. I even went to the JPMC car part there have a round that place is full of car and narrow with the road. With the 5.7m turning radius and the 360 degree camera show on the 7 inch screen I felt really relax with driving that car man!!!
With a 3.5L V6 engine cukup nyaman sudah tu... KB Miri KK pakai this car siok lah!!

Honestly if I own this car I think I won't drive it everyday!!!
I'll hire a Supir to drive for me coz sit the back of this seat is 10 times comfy than drive the car lah.

You can have your one personal wireless headset to listen music and movie!!! 

Original installed from Japan Dvd and screen!!!

Nice and simple speedometer 

Don't play play... 3.5L V6.