New Ayam Penyet In Town

Yo Bruthers... hungry? Check out this new ayam penyet restaurant Waroeng Penyet opened at Times Square. Eh... tell you true true one lah is a bit hard to find lah coz it's like in a blind spot corner on the building there. Me also sudah cari-cari the place until last last I really walk in and turn my head baru tah cari it!!!
Is located at the 1st floor of Times Square there next to the Super Save. Do you still remember the shop sell furniture like Ikea stuff one??? Ah yalah now is in half sudah the waroeng penyet take half to do it.

From here you can see their restaurant sudah!!! 

Menu of the Waroeng Pentet!

This is the signature dish ayam penyet

I like this meal balls!!! Kids sure like it too!!! yummy....